Web & App Development

בחרו סוג מטבע:
An E-Commerce system, built as per the requirements of online shopping industry.

License: $200 / year

Normal Theme: $25 (Any theme selected from themeforest.net)

Premium Theme: $50


Web Designing ($100 / month): Dedicated Graphic Designing for the project, through out the month

—Includes: Facebook Banners, Display Picture, Facebook Ad Designs, Web Banners, Web Designs, Logos

Dedicated Web Development ($100 / month): Request additional features, modifications in the system.

Special Plugin Development on request $50 / year


Social Media Posting ($50 / year): Automatically Post your products on social network like, Facebook.
    Rs 25,000.00 PKR חד פעמי
A responsive web site, built as per your requirements.
Maintenance of your Web or App as per the contract.
Secure Transaction  טופס זה מסופק בסביבה מאובטחת וכדי למנוע ניסיונות הונאה, כתובת האיי פי שלכם ( מתועדת

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