Search Engine Optimization

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is usually termed with its short form SEO, which in easy words is the most important aspects in bringing life to the brand’s website. Our focus here is to optimize the website, so that they rank high in search engines. The process involves optimizing your website’s pages with relevant content. Which should be easy to understand for the end user.

The two widely used methods in this process are, On-Page & Off-Page seo. Both have their own significant importance in optimizing brand’s website.

On-Page optimization comes first, and is usually covered by the front-end web developer of brand’s website. Here we review and optimize, titles, tags, meta tags, headings, and add relevant content to your website.

Second, is the Off-Page optimization, this is where our experts work in brining life to a brand’s online existence. This is achieved by building links, which directly link brand’s website on different forums, blogs, directories, press releases, social networks, bookmarks and high page rank websites.